Dont Touch Dino Bomb

Don't Touch Dino Bomb is an entertaining and intriguing brain training smashing game, and you've been invited to play it. Strategically tap the screen to advance and hit your foes in the appropriate direction. Use your magical fingers to take out all of the opposing dinos in a limited number of strikes. This is the finest smashing game that can be played by both children and adults simultaneously. Because we have built this 2D dino game 2021 with a variety of intriguing levels to battle by leaping and striking your dino 2d, we are confident that you will like playing it. This is not a straightforward magic dino game because it will be difficult for you to choose the appropriate direction to leap and attack the dinosaurs 2d in this magic finger game. It will also be difficult for you to avoid getting struck yourself.


Use mouse or mobile touch for dino

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