Sudoku-ClassicSudokuPuzzle game is a popular and addictive brain Sudoku puzzle game. More than 1200+ challenging Sudoku puzzles, suitable for beginners and advanced players' brain Sudoku! Suitable for all ages Sudoku-ClassicSudokuPuzzle There are 4 difficulty levels-Simple Sudoku, Medium Sudoku, Hard Sudoku and Expert Sudoku! Suitable for Sudoku beginners and advanced players! Pencil mode-Turn on/off the pencil mode as needed. Highlight repetition-Avoid repeating numbers in rows, columns, and blocks. Smart tips-guide you through the numbers when you encounter difficulties. Undo-return to the last operation. Theme-Choose a theme that makes your eyes easier Use dark mode to protect your eyes.


Sudoku-ClassicSudokuPuzzle for all ages is a logic-based numeric puzzle game with the goal of putting 1 to 9 digits into each grid cell so that each number can appear only once per row column and mini grid

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