Shopping Mall For Rich Girls Supermarket Cashier

Crazy shopping lovers! A new store has opened in the city and they are offering the most exclusive trendy designer clothes, cosmetic kits, shoes, fashion jewelry and bags. Go out with your rich bff (best friend forever) at shopping time to buy the most expensive and popular brand clothes, shoes, makeover accessories and jewelry fashionista products. Live a wonderfully quiet life and enjoy your time with multi-daughter friends. Shop till you are tired! Go from shop to shop in this supermarket game simulator to see full style superstores, dress up in designer boutiques with personal stylish friends. Get a princess makeover, dress up in the best clothes and look like a celeb in the city's biggest shopping mall. Dress and change like a ramp model and walk the cat the way you are in a fashion competition. Show your VIP status and live a good life with unlimited money shopping. Shopping malls for rich girls have a huge crowd at the store to buy all the goods on Black Friday at a 50% sale discount. Take advantage of 50% of Black Friday offer and shop in this shopping game for girls. Shopping Mall is a supermarket shopping and cashier simulator game for rich girls. Little boys and girls join the best cash registers, supermarket managers and shopping games to experience the virtual reality of real-life mall shopping. Play a role as a supermarket manager and as a pro treasurer to experience the fun frenzy with crazy store customers. Sell ​​elegantly designed and fashionable clothing in 50 game levels of entertainment and adventure games for girls. For girls you can buy a variety of dresses from boutique stores including pants, shirts, tops, skirts and wedding dresses. Shoes include sandals and heels. Purchase stylish jewelry in gold and diamonds. Many designed necklaces, rings and bracelets are also available. Buy classy designs and glass, hats, and classy design hats on sale on Black Friday. The shopping mall game also has a cosmetic kit factory store where you can buy all makeup kit products from popular factories. Makeover accessories include nail polish, lipstick, face spa mask and eye shades. Finally, pretend to be the cashier at the cash register counter and manage the money. Scan shopping items, put them in shopping bags and collect cash money. Manage money in a cashier machine. This Cahier game is as much fun as any grocery, cafe and fast food shop game. Now download this shopping mall for rich girls games and enjoy the mania. Features - 50 levels of shopping, cash registers and time management fun. - The shoe store includes all types of shoes such as high heels and sandals. - Clothes shopping from a wide range of prom party wear, jeans, wedding dresses and designer shirts. - jewelry accessories Includes trendy style necklaces, rings and bracelets. - Cosmetic stores have a wide range of cosmetic makeover accessories such as nail polish and lipstick. - Learn bill payments, cash management and time management at the cash counter. - High quality amazing graphics and exciting game play.


Use Mouse To Play and Follow introduction

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