Be The Bee

Have you ever watched the world of bees and their daily adventures? So be a bee! Let's take a closer look at this amazing game Bee Adventure 3D: Honey Islands The aim of the game is to collect pollen from flowers and make to honey out of it at the hive. The nectar can be used to open new filds in the garden that can reveal more blooms, eggs, and decorations. Once players have unlocked the final egg at the end of their plot, they have the option to travel to a new world where everything is more expensive, flowers are prettier, and their plot gets a new look. Build your hive Create your own nest and expand it beyond the map! Collect flower nectar, discover new territories and hire new bees to automate the process. Use the merge mechanic to upgrade the rank of your assistants. Go from a lonely bee to a real hive queen! Explore new lands Fly around and discover new territories. Each new piece of land could contain something useful. More flowers for nectar, crystals to combine, new bees in surprise eggs, or an incredible random gift. Spend honey and expand your hive to become even richer. Become a real tycoon! Merge bees Merge your helpers to increase them in rank from common to legendary. The higher the rank of the bee, the harder it works and the more benefits it brings. In addition, their appearance also changes. Raise all your bees to a special legendary rank and prove that your hive is the best in the world! Upgrade your production Also, the game has additional upgrades that can be bought by spending honey. Speed up your movement to reach even the outermost parts of your flower garden faster. Upgrade your conversion rate to earn even more. You can also improve your workers so that they bring more profit in the form of honey! Improve your production and turn your nest into a real factory and yourself into a honey tycoon! TOP FEATURES: - Experience the busy life of a bee! - Collect pollen, turn it into honey and expand your plot! - Thousands of bud await your pollination! - Show your skills and become the Queen Bee! - Open, merge and unite surprise eggs and get the rarest bees! Collect them all! - Upgrade your bee and your assistants to collect even more sweat golden substance! - Variety of locations with beautiful graphics! - Easy and intuitive controls! - Perfect for simulator lovers! - Nicely addictive and killing time - Relax while taking care of your wide blossoming garden and hive! Embark on an adventure and become the ultimate queen bee! Build your own production, upgrade your workers and become a honey tycoon! The perfect hive life simulator for boys and girls of all ages, even if you're over 30. New levels are on the way! What are you waiting for? Game is absolutely free, so come and play!


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